All my pictures are pretty much the same but I don’t care. Another day, another #selfie ;)

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Instagram is my place to post as many selfies as I want and not give a flying shit because you people choose to follow me :p this is gonna be personal so don’t read if you don’t care. I’m incredibly happy I’ve become much more confident in my physical appearance this past year, all with help of a now ex-boyfriend. And I wouldn’t change that for anything. No matter how much I miss him, or long for his touch, I know he is not who I fell in love with and he will never be the one for me. I know from the looks of it, I haven’t moved on because I continue to post things about him. But in all honesty, I do not want to be his. I truly did love him, and I believe that if you ever truly love someone, you will ALWAYS love them. I am moving on, but he will always have that special place in my heart for the title: First True Love. Sorry guys, that was personal. Lol. #personal #selfie #dgaf #confident

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